Tequila Whisper

10 am, that's a regular cut off point for consumption of aloe vera juice mixed in with iced water or fresh lemon and peppermint scenarios. 

On the runup to midday agave nectar sometimes makes an appearance, sometimes over a mid morning porridge.  

Come evening, the best reincarnation of agave is preferably served over iced lemon to a death proof esq soundtrack. 


I started growing a lemon tree as a means of reducing the haenous fortunes lost to the aquisition of organic lemons. A fantastic family friend potted out a sapling of aloe for us. Perhaps the plant knew that it was reveered and valued by slurring tequila head pursuers. Or maybe the microclimate of horticultural neglect perfectly fitted it's requirements for growths.  

The aloe plant gained momentum in growth through serious neglect and occasional downpours of water. That was until I placed the planter on the conservatory floor and turned my back. Fred bunny, with a criminal record of pot takeovers ceased his opportunity to go native. He dug out the plant, tossed it aside and jumped into the planter where he mobilised the shallow planter as though burrowing in the wild... 

While he destroyed, oblivious to this, I prepared some cocktails for a great bunch of people. I coined it a tequila whisper, partially due to the gentle flavours, and partially because of it's hint of Patrone.