Sparkling Kirsch

As many of you may know, when it comes to drinking cocktails, I will pass. When it comes to making cocktails and wonderful drinks, then my enthusiasm is engaged. It may be the result of too much consumption but when it comes to flavours and different tastes, singularly I will enjoy all the ingredients. 

We have alot of sparkling Babycham in the house ready for our wonderful family to ascend in the next few weeks. While champagne cocktails are delicious, I wondered what you could adapt for Babycham. We love kirsch liquor on sunday pancakes and I wondered if the flavours would work with the sparkling perry. A little vodka helps, not just in cocktails but in many situations we find ourselves in, but in this instance it works as a platform for the tastes of the berries. 

Follow the above method and you have a nice easy evening aperitif. Enjoy...