Coldbrew Coffee

Ten years ago I accidentally drunk too much coffee and went blind for an evening. 

I then went cold turkey, for about a week. 

The thing about coffee is that it's a philosophy aswell as a drink.

It's a moment to yourself in a day of demands and todo lists. It's a moment of Hygge. I carry fresh grounds and a v60 with me to most offices and meetings, slowly brewing and blossoming the fresh grounds is a moment to myself, not to stress or overthink anything, but to just observe and stand entirely in the moment. 

With warmer days and muggy nights, there's something utterly blissful about opening the fridge to a delicious cold brew... 

Cold brew coffee recipe 7


And the best thing about it? It's so easy! 

First, order some unbleached filters - like these

Cold brew coffee recipe

Then, you're going to need some coffee. I'm a subscription fan and Footprint Coffee have a fantastic selection. The thing I love about Footprint is how their roasts just bloom and bloom, they're freshly roasted and filled with subtle flavours. 

Once you've picked a favourite, bag a heaped spoonful, tie it into the filter bag...

Cold brew coffee recipe 1
Cold brew coffee recipe 2

Then for every heaped teaspoon of coffee, use around 6-700ml of filtered water. 

Pop in the fridge overnight for 12hrs... 

Cold brew coffee recipe 3

Then wake up to a cold brew cup of coffee. 

Cold brew coffee recipe 6

It's my Monday morning savior and perfect motivation to work through long lists of emails, draft up project reports, business case papers and hustle for great opportunities.

Cold brew coffee recipe 4
Cold brew coffee recipe 5
Cold brew coffee recipe 8