Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

We need to have a conversation about this indulgent winter warmer. 

Whatever you're doing, stop. Let's get the fire started and indulge in a big ole mug of hot chocolate. But not just any hot chocolate... 

A deliciously rich, thick, creamy, sweet, candy cane hot chocolate. 

Oh... yes. 

Okay, let's quickly rewind. 

To make two big mugs of this, you'll need:

-400ml Milk - I used Oatly oat milk for this round, but almond or hemp milk works pretty well too. 

-6 candy canes - 2 for decoration, 4 for melting into the hot chocolate. 

-Hot Chocolate Granules - Green and Blacks is my favourite

-A bigggg handful of chocolate drops - I went weak at the knees for JAtkinson's Pure Chocolate Drops. 

Gently heat the milk over a low heat, stirring so as not to burn. 

Then, add in the hot chocolate powder, the chocolate drops, and the candy cane.

Let it all melt down - keep stirring. 

Then... start the fire, gather around, and... 


Sip the thick rich hot chocolate, curl up inside, 

Let the world fall still outside

... and simply indulge... 

A beverage deliciously rich and nourishing for the soul.