Coconut Rose Bites

"Have we got anything sweet?" Are words I dread hearing from Andrew in an evening.

I dread these words because normally it means that I'm going to be caught out on the fact that I'll have eaten pretty much anything sweet in the loft. Andrew winds down in the evenings by cooking up delicious meals, his downtime is tweaking recipes and creating nutritious dishes. 

My input into an evening is often comic value, or desert. Sometimes both, but only if you're lucky. 

I've pulled these fancy coconut rose bites out of the bag a few times now. They're incredibly easy and look great. 

Desiccated coconut is a store cupboard basic aswell as fresh jam (my favourite at the moment is Duchy Originals Raspberry). 

To make these little bites, I gathered up 150grams organic desiccated coconut, a large desert spoon of jam... and a small sprinkle of edible rose petals. 

The coconut, petals and jam were all thrown into my breville food processor. I talk about this processor all the time, it's been the best £20 ever spent on an item of kitchen paraphernalia . 

Once it's all chopped and mixed together it looks delicious and pink. 

Spoon it out onto some baking paper and refrigerate for twenty minutes or so. This way when you come to roll it into little balls it sticks together really well. 

Pop on an episode of something on Netflix - I've been loving Nachos, Person of Interest (again!) and the New Episodes of Homeland. 

Using either two spoons or the palms of your hands, roll out the mixture into golf ball sized bites. 

I had a few tubes of writing icing in the cupboard so used them to secure a few decorative petals to. 

They were delicious, we nibbled on a few while curled up, sipping a small mug of hot chocolate

Mmmm Perfect!