Citrus Tray Bake

It's no surprise that I'm love tray bakes* and it's not surprise that I love all things citrus! So... go figure... 1 + 1 = cake. 

*this banana tray bake is a regular favourite


200g Self Raising Gluten Free Flour 

100g Coconut Palm Sugar - I love Biona's 

50ml rapeseed oil (100ml if you're omitting the eggs)

2 medium eggs 

2 carrots (grated) 

1 orange 

1 lime 

1tbsp chia seeds 

1tsp cinnamon powder

Pre heat oven to 180c 

The cinnamon just softens any citrus bite but at the same time enhances the flavours in the mix - I mixed it into the dry ingredients first. 

Grate up the carrots, zest the fruit, squeeze in a dash of the orange juice. Add in the eggs, sugar and oil mix it up then add in the dry ingredients. 

Pop the mixture into a square tray, leave in the oven for 40min until a knife comes out clean. 

Leave it cool... 

Leave it... 

Add some icing sugar to the top of it - if you love bitter zesty tastes add in a squeeze of lime juice at this point! 

Oh I couldn't help myself! 

So, so, so, so! Good!