Pizza and Beer

It was of obvious that it was going to be a pizza and beer night. The common wealth games were on, the sun gushed in to shouts at the TV. AJ asked "do we have any frozen bases?" When we make bases we normally over shoot the recipe, double up and freeze just for these type occasions - call it fast food if you will. 


We didn't even have flour in, the farm shop was closed and my sister harassed the local pizza delivery company, so we were stuck.  


I'd seen a fantastic cauliflower recipe on a beautiful mess a few weeks back, and adapted it to what we had left in the fridge.


In terms of available produce, we were stocked with a huge local organic cauliflower, cheese, and... Chillies. Oh the chillies.


As far as chillie growth is concerned, we're on it. 


Dorset Naga's, Bengal Nagas and sparklers are regular ingredients. The ones we harvested for this dish were a bit of a hybrid of regular and the Bengal naga. 



1 full head of cauliflower

2 eggs

5 cloves of garlic

Dash of pepper

Sprinkle of Italian Mixed Herbs

2 fresh chillies to taste

2 balls of mozerella  - on for the base one for the topping

3/4 Tomatoes

Strong cheese for the topping - I used Stilton but strong cheddar would taste great too. 



-Preheat oven to 180c  

-Blanche the cauliflower until a little soft - this took around 3/4 minutes but keep checking (you don't want soup when it comes to the next step!)

-Pop the slightly softened cauliflower in a food processor and lightly chop it (don't make soup!) 

-Add in the two eggs, pepper, chopped chillie, diced garlic and herbs, along with 1 chopped ball of mozerella and mix well

-On a sheet of greeseproof paper, lay out the mix into 1 or multiple bases. 

-Cook at 180 for around 15minutes - just keep checking to note when it browns.  

-One browned, take it out and layer on the remaining toppings. Ours was the Stilton and tomatoes but you can really add anything!!  

-Place back in the oven with toppings and cook for a further 8/10 minutes.