Easy Breakfast Pancakes

If you pop round at breakfast time, chances are that there'll be a big ole batch of pancakes cooking...


Come on in... 

We live in a beautiful loft in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. Our building vast but the number of lofts small, our neighbours fast became our friends soon after moving in. 

The building is an old factory conversion, with the compulsory blue plaque commemorating Rowland Emett, the punch cartoonist who worked here in years gone by. Not that that matters, we're the instagrammers with the two Vizsla's, along the corridor are the journalist couple who run before sunrise, there's the beautiful illustrator upstairs, the excellent Indonesian cook... oh the list goes on. But, like many friends, our relationship has flourished through kitchen output. 

While unable to offer a decent dinner to match that of Indonesian cuisine, all I can offer are pancakes. 

That's what I do best. 




OK so this is what we need:

150 grams Gluten free self raising flour

250ml Oat milk

1 tsp cinnamon

2 large eggs

Let's begin...

Those of you uninitiated in the dark arts of cinnamon are in for a real treat!

I use Oatly instead of milk. It's just water, organic Swedish oats and a little bit of sea salt for flavour. That's it. Delicious and healthy!

As my pancakes only have two dry ingredients, who needs sifting?

At room temperature you get an ideal blend, which is useful because Oatly can be stored without refrigeration.

Unfortunately there aren't too many farms in the Jewellery Quarter, so Waitrose's Duchy Free-Range eggs are rather useful.

I knew that berries were great for anti-oxidants, but was surprised to learn recently they also have oodles of vitamin C...


The perfect foil for a mug of steaming Joe.

Voila, healthy and very scrummy. It's going to be a good day...