Strawberries and Cream Raw Cheesecake

Strawberries and Cream is an essential summer combination. Long sunny afternoons with fresh local strawberries, or ambling through strawberry farms, filling your punnets... and tummies at the same time... 

Well, in the loft terrace I've been growing a few little strawberry plants. 

They're growing strong and I'm hopeful that they'll provide a delicious summer bounty. 

For now though, fresh farm berries are perfect... 

Now, the first time I made this cheesecake, Andrew opened the fridge and helped himself to a slice, and loved it. "Was that real cheesecake?" he asked "err" I hesitated "like with real cheese?

Well, it's delicious, and I've been reading the book Gut by Giulia Enders and am trying my best to look after mine. Did you know that grasshoppers can have gluten allergies? It's one of the most amazing things about plants, they ensure that their seeds contain enough poison to make them unappealing to predators. That's why so many of us respond badly to wheat, their plant mamas are simply trying to protect them. 

This raw recipe though is delicious and gut friendly. 


Base: 100grams cashew nuts soaked for around 60mins, 100grams dates, 1 tsp Milled Hemp, 1tsp Ground Cinnamon. 

Topping: 200grams Fresh Strawberries, 100grams coconut yoghurt (or soft cheese substitute).



Base: Pop all ingredients in a chopper and pulse until smooth. Flatten into a 20cm diameter loose base pan. 

Topping: Blend strawberries and cream and spoon onto base. Keep refrigerated or enjoy immediately! 

Cashew nuts are a wonder nut - kinda like awonderingstar but awounderingnut. Moving on, they work wonders on repairing any damage done to your stomach, especially by alcohol and other life indulgences.

My father loves cashews, he always has a few to hand.

There was an incident we'll never let him live down, in 2008 on the Ethiopia/Somalia boarder where someone opportunistically broke into the car. They only thing they stole, a large bag of cashew nuts "they stole my nuts" he protested. 

I'll be honest, I'm not a date kinda girl. When blended up though, they are lovely. 

Once chopped and blended, spoon the mixture into a pan. 

...and layer with the topping. Easy! 

The cheesecake is simple, delicious, and takes around 5-10minutes to make. It's best enjoyed fresh, whip it up after dinner for an easy (guilt free) indulgence. 

I added a dollop of coconut yoghurt and a few edible rose petals for a little pizazz, but you can use fresh berries or other edible flowers. 

Mmm... enjoy!