Within the Rock

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She wasn’t a princess.

She was a rebel. She forged her own path and she defined who she was.  

She didn’t need to hang around waiting for Prince Charming. She was her own Prince Charming.

Isolated by her desire for introspection, she lived amongst the rocks. Rocks deeply rooted in nature and inspired by passing winds and changing seasons.  Inspiration echoed from the growth and blossoms of spring. Inspiration born out of the falling leaves of autumn.

She was nature, nature was her.

Through the darkness of winter and the long light nights of summer, she wandered the land and hills. She stood confidently in her darkness, the darkness that lives inside all of us. The darkness that in tern brings light. 

The twist in the story isn’t that she was saved by the patriarchy.

The twist is that she is each of us.

She is every soul, and every cell, every being.

She is Gia.

We are Gia.

We are life and light and darkness, our breathes are the changing winds. We are the ashes, the ashes that will one-day form new life. We are the plants. We are the rocks, the air, the fire. We are Gia and Gia is us.

In a world where our consumption is destroying this earth for future generations to come, for our grandchildren and their grandchildren. Right now we, need more than ever to realise who we are. 

We are not one, we are all. 

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Model is @gracebowker & dress is by @joflemingdesign