Sydenham, Oxfordshire

With the summer sun high in the sky, we headed out to a little village just down from ours. It's called Sydenham and there are three great things about the little spot, the first being the Crown Inn pub which is excellent, the second being the the fact that a whole lot of Midsomer Murders is filmed in the pictures location. The third is the fact that there are some pretty awesome walks around the village with a perfect little steam for cooling down in... 

...after a quick splash we got back to the beautiful winding trails. 

With a few off pieste wanderings too... 

These two embraced the cool grass beneath their bellies, leaping and bounding to follow their noses. 

As we ambled from one field into the next we called Apollo and Aura back to lead because of some lovely attentive looking sheep keeping watch. 

After the sheep field, huge and oh so long, we crossed a stile into the next which led down a track with overhanging berries either side. 

Apollo kept watch into the fields while Aura sniffed at the berries. 

The track was long and winding, at the end of it we entered another which was open and left to grass this season. Many of our neighbouring farmers rotate their crops each year to allow the soil to recover and renew so chances are that next year this will be filled with crop. 

These two were pretty okay with it being left to grass! 

High above we heard the cries of a Red Kite eagle, often they fly in pairs and call to one another with a loud piercing screech. 

This one soared low to get a closer look of what we were up to, before flying off and leaving us do make our way back home after a fantastic few hours walking.