Autumn on the Ridgeway

There's an 87mile path that starts just near to our new little home and takes us all the way down to Wiltshire. 

The Ridgeway winds it's way through hills, valleys and beautiful woodland. 

It's a favourite spot to escape to, walk a long length of it watching the trees undulate in colour. 

The dogs run out in front, baying us to speed up and chase them. 

Which of course we do, they weave in and out between us, and we catch up on the day. 

The ridgeway undulates and turns through clearings and woodlands, the trees changing as you go. 

In the taller older trees you can sometimes spot huge nests high in the branches. 

If you spot one, chances are that it will belong to a Redkite. 

They often soar on the thermals just watching you, there have been times when a part of me wonders if they have somehow been in cahoots with the dogs, perhaps instinctively or initiated with a glance or eye contact. The kites will drop down suddenly and beat the ground with their huge claws. Then the dogs will race out to the spot, sometimes a rabbit has appeared and kicked into full sprint before I've whistled the dogs back. 

The two dogs are ball motivated - Apollo more than Aura. And when they're on full sprint you better watch out. 

Listen out for the gallop of paws behind you - Aura has taken me out a few times by not watching where's she's going. 

They'll jostle for the ball "It's mine" "no mine" "I saw it first" I imagine them arguing. 

Aura has such intent to win whatever game it is that they play, that she'll dig her teeth into him and nip...

When he then starts to dish out nips back to her, she'll race to our feet, the "safe zone", where no nipping or fighting is allowed. 

Oh Apollo, you babe...  

With tired dogs we amble back home, which slowly but surely is getting there with the work.