Tell me a story or sing me a tune...

With Ashlee Simpson playing, I blared through the delicate Shire with Indie Boy riding shotgun, the sun was high and images required.

Of course for strolling I anticipated concrete and stair access, I forgot about Rural. Armed with my sisters pumps, my MarcJ pink dress, a waist belt also pillaged from SeeSee's wardrobe, Angelina my wonderful SuperDry jacket and my wonderful new handbag, I braved hay fever territory.

As much fun as the photo snapping was, I couldn't shake my new dress from my thoughts. £3.50 from a Charity shop, wow, wow and wow. The Gods were on my side yesterday.

Sweet and lovely the day was, but the new dress is nothing along those lines, it's angry, it's grungy, it's Kate Moss at four - ripped and smeared in sweaty beer stains.

IB and I chatted about those we've gained and lost throughout the last decade, in the run up to my 21st next week, I miss peeps.

The lyrics of Jet's King's Horses played in my head, and as soon as I could pry SS from Keeping up with the Kardashians, she captured these...


Jokers believe what they're told more or less, so pull up an armchair lets drink to success...

Everyone laughed at the things that you said, at all the kings horses and all the kings men...

When the back lights have broken,

Then all that you built will come tumbling down,

Don't try to hold it...

You know you can always start over again,

Tell me a story or sing me a tune,

Remember the one 'bout the man on the moon?

In the morning i swear i will tell you the truth,

How you receive it, well, that's up to you..

I should have told you, That everyone knows what they wished they had said

Photographs: Moi and SeeSee

Second Outfit: Vintage Dress £3.50 random Charity/junk shop

Hat: Snooks Outfitters

Jacket: SuperDry

Bling : Random strings and rings from Paris, Bucks and Portugal