Finding a wonderful photographer is like finding hidden treasure.

JenniPenni (Jenni Holma), an amazingly creative photographer, captures such simple beauty in her pictures.

Gallery 123's description of her: Jenni Holma is 21 and from Finland with a passion for photography. Jenni spent her childhood and teenage years in a small Finnish town, dreaming of an international future.

"I'm here to find my own style. I am not there yet, but like they like to's the journey that counts, not the destination..."

Testimonial: "Just amazing... pure... original and thats all I can really say... because I'm speechless!"

Her taste doesn't just appeal to me in terms of her photography, JenniPenni also loves Blueberry Pancakes, what a gem!

She describes herself as "...a bit of a dreamer and a classic idealist with a hint of too much naivity in me. I see things through child filtered glasses..."

Jenni has a totally cute bunny called Pancakes, I wish my bunnies would let me set up lovely photographs of them. They're too monsterous.

"...My heart lies in conceptual photography, but I'm in awe by anything that makes me feel something..."

"...I'm mostly interested in creating pictures but I'm intrigued by capturing some of those special moments and sights as well..."

Check out her photostream on


, and be very very inspired!

You can find her photos at


where lots of other inspirational artists have their work available for purchase. I can't wait to redesign my bedroom at home, I'm going to fill it with lots of lovely art!

Her Etsy shop,

over here

, has such wonderful prints which I just can't get enough of.