Ice Cream Substitution

The whole weather situation picked up a little, taking me to realms of bareskin. Colbolt tones are playing a regular staple in my daily choices. Anyway, with confusingly pleasant weather I had a hankering for ice cream. Not just ice cream van ice cream, but a delicious little tub from the nearby farm shop.

So we headed out in the direction of ice cream as the sun slowly faded...

In my ballerina pumps we made our way to the lake and back around again, getting swept up in excited planning for upcoming trips and projects.

Getting back home I realised that the whole ice cream thing hadn't worked out, seeing as farm shops fail to adhere to 24hr opening.

As I walked in, this little blonde greeted me.

She had other motives though, she wanted to simulate the real world and dig in a flowerpot. While I tried to manage this fluffy situation, Fred had snuck past and binked around outside.

Only to find some new growths stuck between his teeth... I kinda got a bit envious of his fresh greens and while the ice cream thing didn't work out, he gave me an idea...

Grabbing a few sprigs of organic celery growing in the vertical garden, I rounded up some ingredients

Added it all to the little mixer...

and voila! A red berry smoothie with lots of frozen berries and ice... not quite chocolate ice cream but still pretty good!

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