Warm Winter Puy Lentil Salad

When it comes to the whole lentil thing, I'm on board! Especially when it comes to Puy Lentils. 

These little lentils are great for giving you energy, vitamins and loads of fibre. Anyway, we'd popped to a grocer and stocked up on locally grown organic purple sprouting. Seeing as a very fat and hungry caterpillar got to half of my home grown sprouting, I had to get a few bundles to see me through. 

If you've never indulged in purple sprouting I cannot recommend it enough, and plus, the bunnies go cray cray for the leaves. 

Use around 60grams of dried lentils per serving, boil for 20minutes until al dente, strain, and they're ready.

I added almonds and a dash of vinegar to my warm salad, you can top it with some cheese or halumi too for that extra protein kick.

And, you know it, leftovers were packaged up ready for lunch tomorrow, having the salad cold is also really delicious!

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