Oh, sniffle sniffle

At the top of my least favourite list of things to do is to get sick. The flu might just be the worst thing to ever happen to this world and this winter I've been knocked down with a bagful of symptoms...

Prevention is the best cure, but when you spend a few days of your week in an office environment, germs spread far too enthusiastically. One of my office buddies had been suffering and unfortunately it spread to me.

Waking up with what feels like a furry animal in your respiratory system is not fun. After a medical discussion it seemed that I started all this with tonsillitis, except for the fact that I didn't have tonsils. My tonsils were taken from me as a child in Lesotho. I would get such awful fevers that the night engineers would send a driver with a box of ice from the cooling towers at the dam and I'd be thrown into the tubs while convulsing with high temperatures.

Childhood dramas asid, getting ill isn't fun, look after yourselves:
1. Increase your vitamin intake: excessively consume rich coloured vegetables by the bucket load and nibble on berries. Indulge in green smoothies with lots of added goodness, like my favourite green juice...
2. Keep it clean: if you've been sniffly, wash everything on a hot 90 cycle and kill those nasty germs.
3. Sweat it: If you've got a steam room and sauna at your gym, exploit them. Otherwise just run a hot bath at home, throw in far too many bath salts and let the steam work it's magic.
4. Oil up: Essential oils are a must and I find lavender to be the best nighttime cure for restlessness.

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