Apple and Rhubarb muffins

So, one of my daily headaches is finding good nourishing food while busy at work. Even worse though is the prospect of sourcing a great grab and go breakfast that sets you up for the day.

You may be aware of my regular commutes and the thought of waking any earlier than I should is frankly, not on my radar.

We had a load of local apples which I had earmarked for a home made cider venture but never got round to it. They were coming to the end of their shelf life and to combat the war on waste I felt obliged to do something with them.

Looking at the potential ingredients, a good apple and rubarb crumble came to mind, but I wanted something a bit more, muffin like. 


-Half cup organic demererra sugar (or the equivalent in agave nectar).

-4/5 chopped apples 

-1 cup almond milk

-1 1/2 cup organic self rising I bleached flour

-2eggs (or swap for hemp oil)

-3/4 sprigs of fresh rhubarb

-1 cup almonds (or any nuts or seeds you fancy)

-teaspoon cinnamon

-a bit of lemon zest 


-Pre heat oven to 180c

-Mix dry ingredients 

-Add milk, eggs and fruit 

-Dollop into muffin cases or mini loaf cases

-Cook for approx 25min... Then enjoy!

Enjoy as a warm pudding or as a mini breakfast loaf! You can make so many substitutions to keep the calories down and turn it into a fast friendly breakfast.