A few favourites

Any of you who have been reading for a while now, know that I have an utter love for tiny little macaroons. They are by far a delicious little treat, the flavours so delicate make it perfect for anyone with a inability to choose between favourite flavours - I'll have them all!

The cold winter months have amplified my requirement for warmth. These booties are a huge favourite of mine, knitted by my wonderful aunt. 

On that note, matching combinations are amongst a bigger favourite, such as these ridiculous socks.

With increasing work with wonderful clients as the wedding season builds up, I have made the most of quiet moments of solitude. While in Lancaster recently, I took a few moments of solitude in the beautiful Butterfly House in Williamson Park

Cold mornings spent working in the urban garden mean that any chance of increased dry skin, make for added amplification. I have fallen in love with BB creams, and a few favourites include Vichy's Idealia BB cream. The great thing is that this one has a high spf value, making hours lost to outdoor food production just the little bit better for your skin.

In the event that I haven't reiterated this enough, the Alpaca headwear selection from TSnook's is to me a perfect life staple. But then again, I'm also biased ;)

On par with skincare and BB cream, this year I have continued to make a precedented effort to reduce paraben and unnecessary chemical exposure. If you're looking to replace any products or you're looking to perhaps take on more chemical free varieties, check out the Environmental Working Group's skin deep cosmetic database.

I've also been indulging, in, everything! Especially these delicious champagne truffles from the lovely Toot Sweets.

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