On photography 2/52

You pretty narcissist 

Decades before the selfie we would have been institutionalised for narcissist behaviour. Yet now, a broken generation is motivated by self obsession, and we're okay with that.

Running through my newsfeed looking at the manipulated images of once (facebook) friends, something started to ring true. The awkward kids I once knew, with their acne faces and lack of confidence are instagraming gorgeous flash captured rise filtered images in just a few seconds. This not only shows a etherial moment but moreover a smiling face. Does narcissism really matter if it is making us confident and happy individuals?

Whenever the idea of a 365 set of images starts to evolve in my mind, I pause to consider whether the sheer narcissism of capturing myself every single day would be too much not only for my audience, but for myself to handle.

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