On photography 1/52

A moment through the eyes

There has been a lot of discussion about the science behind the association of image capture and memory of that moment. Perhaps a study was not wholly necessary as a means of confirming this, however we are result driven humans and not philosophers. 

If you have recently visited a work of art, created by someone potentially much more competent than you, you may just be able to relate to me. In terms of personal taste, the Mona Lisa is a piece I can take in for untouched moments. When do you get these untouched moments? I accidentally discovered that just before late holiday closing time at the Louvre as it is just you and an elderly stranger standing together, looking. Outside of this narrow window of time, you will see her indignation at the swarms viewing her through their camera and phone screens. 

What does capturing something already replicated achieve, let your descriptions and memories speak louder than half hearted smartphone captures. 

It is impossible to tell you how to take moments. That defeats the idea of art, but if you find yourself struggling to make sense of something in front of you, perhaps consider:
*the time it must have taken a person to create this moment in front of you
*what they were thinking as they worked on each pixel or brushstroke
*small elements of the piece, break it down and take it in
*what struggle was endured to provide this moment of niceness
*is there something the artist wants you to see

If you started doing what you truly love tomorrow, and worked on it until your last breath, would you want your audience to view it through a screen? 

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