Yogi Bear

Whenever I look back and evaluate my day, the correlation between yoga and an awesome day is unquestionable. My natural disposition to regularly uprooting means that I struggle to dedicate to a class. When I do make the leap to try a new instructor, I may just be the worst customer - the kind of person you're taught about in yoga school I guess.

The information I want before giving my body to an instructor normally includes (yet is not exclusive to):
*Years practicing
*Years teaching
*How much training time in the last year
*Any medical training background

You can normally tell the competency of the instructor right away as those less confident are reluctant to disclose numbers. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions, it's so easy to do detrimental damage.

Anyway, since discovering the ALL-in Yoga app earlier this year I find my practice so much easier...

Being able to take your practice with you is a huge luxury. I take my apps and video downloads with me on holiday and weekends away where all I need is a small space beside the bed and I'm away.

At home I like to incorporate essential oils and geology into my practice for that little bit of extra spirituality.

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