The commute

To get to and from the office, Andrew and I share a 130mile/200km round trip commute. The travel time each way varies most days between 50 minutes to, hours and hours. Distance isn't a huge factor in where we live and work, living just 20miles from the Reading office would take around 40minutes to an hour and half most mornings if the M25clockwise was congested.

We leave the house at 6.15-6.30am and with long days and climbing most evenings I cannot justify sacrificing sleep to wake up and get ready early. So in turn I have to be a little organised...

When it comes to breakfast, fresh muffins travel easy and a batch made on a weekend keeps for the rest of the week.

 I also use my maximuscle shake bottle to carry almond milk which I then add in prepacked granola.

My makeup has to be easy, especially during winter when it's still dark by the time I arrive at the office.  At the moment the versatility of Boots Botanics BB cream is a winner.

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