Getaway Packing

On rare occasions, my family all congregate in the same country at the same time. This year we are all under the same roof for Christmas next week. Now, between appointments and dinners over the next two weeks we will be making short notice trips and maybe the odd overnight stay. These are normally confirmed an hour before we fuel up and leave.

So, some sense has possessed me to commence packing. The first item, these slippers I picked up in Bosnia...

...woolen layers work great if you're staying over with relatives comfortable with the thermostat set to arctic - or if you draw the short straw and end up in the attic.

To enter 2014 healthy and strong, I've packed my running gear and space depending, my yoga mat. My 90year old grandmother used to be a yoga instructor in Swaziland, maybe I'll invite her to plank with me? 

Not forgetting, a selection of loose leaf teas! 

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