So after a long week of mildly progressing fatigue, it's a huge relief to have reached the milestone that is Friday. Last night, exhausted from the run up to winter, I passed out cold shortly after 9.

It's been  about four weeks now that I seem to be continuously unwell - ever since the flu jab it has just been illness after illness. Which has such a knock on effect with everything else, I have barely ventured out to the rocks to climb resulting constant muscle weakness feelings. Any cardio seems like an unachievable dream right now, resulting in stodgy feelings and lack of energy. 

This is such motivation to just get well! I have also put a lot of pressure on myself with regards to the business and moving elements of my photography forward. Without good health it is such a challenge to drive the enthusiasm! 

There's a little promise I've made myself, and that is to nip all this illness in the bud, which means: 
*consumption of lots of fresh fruit and veg
*gentle exercise like walking and yoga sequences
*increased consumption of garlic both raw and in supplement form 
*a bit of a positive attitude! 
*warm layers to keep away the chill