Late the other evening my tummy rumbled for a sweet bite. I wasn't quite sure what kind of sweet bite it wanted, but I tried finding out, only to discover new realms of delicious indulgence.

1 Large Ripe Organic Avocado
half a cup of milled flaxseed
100grams of melted dark chocolate
50grams of milk chocolate
quarter cup of flaked almonds
dash of organic olive oil

I'm not going to kid you...

... but this is something I made loosely based around some pins I had stumbled over recently. I put all the above ingredients into the mixing bowl. Left if spinning until the avocado was mashed silky smooth, cracked open a bottle of wine, checked twitter, remembered the spinning mixer. Andrew entered the kitchen only to ask "are you using a recipe?" while I formed the last cookie on a sheet of baking paper and popped into a heated oven at 180c. I replied to him "ummmm" and licked the mixing bowl clean. 

Despite initial reservations about using fruit as a primary cookie ingredient, they were absolutely delicious! 

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