Christmas Market

The thought of everyone flocking in different directions for the festivities seemed too much, especially knowing that my favourite Cypriote Gentleman would return to the capital. So, there was only one thing for it, beer.

Cici, Andrew and I layered up in Arctic wear and headed into the Birmingham Christmas market for their final day of German, Beery, celebration...

This time, unlike the 2012 incident with Jimmy and the gang, we managed to keep hold of the glass tokens instead of collecting 9 of our £3 equivalent tokens to return, only to end up in a giggle fit and accidentally throw them into a surface drain. Not our finest moment Jimmy...

Anyway, it was fantastic having a catchup with Cici and Andrew over a few glasses. An intense gravity event managed to launch a glass down my leg and land perfectly upright in my coach tote, perhaps it was fitting to hold a beer in your handbag?

As the sun set the Arctic Rab jackets and Hagloffs came out. We survived until the weather gave in to some blurry sleet.

Eventually hauling up in Pub Du Vin, a perfect little hideaway with delicious cocktails. After a day of manly DIY, the wonderful Neil headed over and instigated and beer and burger situation, which was a genius idea! However, the food was wolfed down by cold tipsy humans and we didn't manage to capture the moment!

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