Christmas eve around the peaks

My family spend alot of time in locations where it is too dangerous to get in your car, head out for a drive, get out and stroll around.

So in preparation for Christmas, we got in the car... since being away from the office my mileage is significantly down, so enthusiastically I begged to drive... we headed towards the Peak District... on the approach to the Roaches we took a lane which lead to a reservoir...

What started out as a lets just check out the lookout point evolved to playing with in camera HDR functions... (Dad's image)

Ended up in an 8km stroll around the reservoir in the sheet rainfall and battering winds!

After completing the walk, the Roaches called and so a drive around the outcrop was most certainly required.

Not only did I get to check out a favourite climbing spot, but we found a gaggle of cows. Seeing the black one with the heart on it's head, a disagreement broke out as Momma described her childhood pet cow. Economies of scale were deemed a little unbalanced, Momma got away with having a pet cow but when I broach adopting Llamas...

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