There is a growing trend between feeling under the weather and hankering for biscotti.

After wiping out delicatessen stocks of Italian biscuits around a 50mile radius, it seemed both a time and cost saving idea to produce our own.

The Ginger Chef found a recipe, I grabbed the camera and Momma made a quick stop at the farm shop to pick up more fresh organic Duck Eggs.


-cup of flour

-1 large duck egg (you can also use normal hen eggs)

-orange zest

-cup of hazelnuts

-teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

-half a cup of sugar

Method continued...


-Whip up the liquid ingredients

-Gently roast chopped hazelnuts

-mix the dry and the wet ingredients separately 

-the wet should look lovely and fluffy 

-fold the two mixtures together

-gently pad out into a roll

-cook at 180 for half an hour 

-remove from oven and cut into biscotti slices

-cool and put the kettle on for some coffee!