A Christmas picnic

A series of tweets at winter sunrise left us without a suitable lunchtime venue. So I came up with the idea of a winter picnic, in mid december. Instructions to Vicky included the reiteration of WRAP UPPPP!!

Thinking about lunch ideas, Cici and I fancied some cookies, so we adjusted the usual recipe and added lots of winter berries...

Pip over at Greenways farm shop just around the corner had some fantastic fresh duck eggs which we first photographed then added to the mixture.

Before dollopping onto a baking try into the oven for fifteen minutes at 180.

We packed the basket and set off through the lanes to a little picnic spot. Andrew and Momma had made banana breakfast muffins the day before and we tucked in after a flask of hot organic Heinz tomato soup and cheese sandwiches.

This year my gift focus has been on the sentimental and handmade side. We exchanged christmas gifts and tucked into more food!

Getting home and emptying the basked of treats, a little Teddy Bear decided to curl in and inhabit... I pacified him with some fresh herbs from the urban garden but he still remained adamant the basket was his...

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