Vivaldi's Diary: A guide to foraging

Since her last guest post, Vivaldi has fully recovered from her sore paw. This morning she was a nightmare, we caught her attempting to commit bunny toxicity nibbling chrysanthemum's. I find this page the best source for checks on what these little creatures can and can't eat, and if you're unsure about any plants, stick to the lists of clean food they can eat.


This house has been packed with flu infested humans the past few days. I've discovered that when my kitten Patricia gets sick, myyyy gosh does she get sick. The girl has looked like death the past week, all pale and pasty and bonged up with all sorts of nasties... yuck! 

I've had to be very proactive with regards to my health. Especially with the humans barely able to look after themselves let alone my organic needs... 

So I've been foraging around the house, stocking up on fresh vitamins and helping prune the indoor plants. 

In the middle of a feverish outbreak, the humans neglected to lift the chrysanthemum pot out of my reach. Now, be aware that chrysanthemum leaves and stems are highly toxic to bunnies, but I was ever so naughty and munched a few petals... just to get the humans brains engaged. 

After stealing these petals I was swiftly chased by a mucus infested human... before being caught and cuddled... yuck yuck yuck! Andrew, my favourite Ginger Chef, proceeded to then feed me my favourite organic carrots... with the green tops! Deeelicious! 

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