To the mountains

The past few weeks I've been thinking about the mountains. Not any mountain in particular though, just any mountains, but maybe where it's a little cold, or, I don't mind that much.

It's been a long year with the balancing acts. Progressing my passions forward and at the same time finding fantastic opportunities in my civil engineering role. Some of the best bits of the year have come from the mountains and time spent outside climbing.

Maybe it's time to start looking upwards and see what opportunities there are for some time spent elsewhere in the world, discovering mountain ranges and accomplishing new routes. That's all I want to do all day, climb, photograph, drink coffee, be outside. With such a simple little list, well, apart from the fear of losing out on valuable project experience, what's to stop this list from becoming a reality?

Thinking more serious about a potential break, not to travel to lots of places, but to live in one quiet location for a few weeks, induces the need to commence packing.

There are a few weekly locations which I love too much for their divine inspiration:
*This Tumblr: A Paper Aeroplane makes me wish for empty spaces and cold mornings...
*Heritage Goods: Bearded men, boats, empty landscapes...
*Olof's beautiful Polaroid Series

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