The Barn

After the recovering from the prosecco consumption at the Baby's birthday a few weeks ago, time had fast flown and it was Andrew's gorgeous nephew's birthday. Upon arrival at the Old Holly Farm in Lancashire, I tried my best to play it cool at the sight of so many cute little fluffy farmyard animals...

In the many stables, I saw a blanket of yellow little chicks huddled beneath a heater lamp. Ohh my gosh, they were so darn cute. 

Upon locating the bunnies I soon found a wall of Noah's toddler friends cued up waiting patiently for their turn.

After the fantastic barnyard experience and catching up with wonderful family, we headed back to Lancaster for snacks and present opening.

For a touch of post prosecco cardio, Noah led us on a stroll in his mini Audi TT with 0-2.4mph in 10seconds. Is it wrong to be very envious of a four year olds presents? While the top speed of 2.4mph is enough to induce fear in domestic neighbourhood cats, it wasn't enough to dodge the rain coming down from the nearby Lake District, so we rushed back inside to warm up with more prosecco, of course.

...but most importantly get lots of cuddles from the gorgeous baby. When Zack is in Andrews arms, their similarity is ridiculous, they both have shiny blue eyes that glisten in the light!

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