Resolutions, valleys, smocks

Okay, just a few months ago, I was making new years resolutions. I think someone's got this whole time thing wrong because acknowledging that it's only a matter of weeks now until the chubby man crashes down the chimney, isn't happening right now.

In the run up to generic dinners and too many cocktail parties, the wardrobes have been opened for a review of dresses and my favourite Sandro smock is still failing to disappoint...

Saying that though, after a week of hard climbing my extremities are a little crooked and bashed while the bruises on my legs are of concern.

Upon forgetting how to turn on the playstation and not being able to vegetate in front of netflix, I accidentally stumbled across a new UK cultural export, the Valleys. It was like watching Black Mirror, except, wiki advised me that it was actually real. Things haven't been the same for me since, and I've found I'm loving concealed platform stilettos even more now - who'd have thought it was possible to love them any more, but hey.

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