My little 10 step guide to achieving your (eh herm) 2013 Blogging Goals

It was this morning, as I caught up lovely tweets that it really rang home, 2013 is nearly over. Have you had that feeling yet? That uncomfortably sinking feeling as you think, what have I actually done this year?! 

Did you start 2013 with a list of goals you wanted to achieve? Was one of them to grow and widen your blog readership? I started the year wanting to get more involved with my wonderful audience, I wanted to take the time to develop my communication and love for my audience. 

I started jotting out a list of how exactly I planned on pulling a finger out, and I came up with ten pointers which I procrastinated into a little cheat sheet below. How have you made headway on your websites this year? 

1. Revisit your goals
2. List them out
3. Evaluate the time frame left
4. Start with the two minute rule
5. Get your team on board
6. Turn the bad into great
7. Be visible
8. Get content savvy
9. Go offline and become more online 
10. Maintain an honest voice

Is there anything I've missed off of this list? How have you evolved your blog and brand this year?

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