Many years ahead to fall in line

Whats my age again?

If I was told to describe my personal style it would include (but not be exclusive to) the following:


*Punk kid

*Luxury materials


*Passive Agressive

As a kid I never cared that much about other's opinions, but I had a group of girls who would rile at the fact that I wore slightly odd combinations and sometimes looked a bit boyish. But you know what, at the end of the day, does it matter? Its like the whole philosophy about worrying, why worry if you're either not prepared to change the situation, or if you can't change the situation. Plus, I'm sure that statistically lumberjacks must be happier people right?

Anyway, I've been loving the return of punk influences and denim combinations, and where appropriate, combining them with heels, but where limited by weather factors, combining with wellies.