Low light

So, for the next few weeks the little island is thrown into an uncomfortable blanket of cold darkness. When the sun is setting at 3.50pm and the dappled sunlight requires amplified ISO values, I wonder how the Norwegians do it for months and months on end.

While low light conditions are a little annoying, if you're out shooting try to work with it, unless you're awesome at using flash guns and artificial lighting....

So my low winter lighting tips:

*I find tripods allow slow shutters and beautiful depths with still images

*If you're using digital, bump up the iso rather than using small camera mounted flash guns, then in post pro, black and white the image for lovely grainyness.

*Work with low lighting by making the most of dappled light like the above image where the light has helped feed into the sensor and created soft tones.

I've been embracing blacks and autumnal tones again, layering boots, leggings and smocks under jackets.