Hair explorations

Since having the chop and proceeding into the shortest realms I have ever dared to venture, there are a few noticeable observations which I have noted. 

Firstly, progressing from long linen blonde, I have noticed evolutions in the way in which I am treated by my professional peers. Upon the linen transformation I found doors endlessly opened, my personality for flimsy giggles accepted. Then as I lost inches and devolved to darker tones, the tables seemed more open to me. The strong voice was allowed to rest as my whispers seemed heard. I had to wonder how it was possible to lay so much judgement on dead growths which spewed from my head.

Still though, I can promise you that despite the reduction in net weight, my internal neurological connections have yet to fail me... 

I can honestly promise you that I still remain flimsy and giggly with a short attention span. My penchant for couture still inflicts my finances and most of the time my corpse remains present while thoughts drift to beautiful locations where business plans and logic prevail. 

Another observation is the way in which it seems completely realistic for such soft delicate hair to benevolently defy gravity upon waking. Which proceeds to reiterate the quantities of product required to drag it back down into realistic physic conventions. 

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