Forest breaks

So after making it up the M6 late on thursday night we found the energy to celebrate Andrews Mummy's birthday with a few celebratory toasts. We left the office in Warwick with the car packed for all possible eventualities, and more importantly, lots of layers. 

This was a perfect way to kick off a long weekend up near the boarders. The destination was Whinfell Forest, one of Centre Parcs locations. The next morning the to do list was long, and most certainly included a visit to my favourite coffee location to stock up on fresh beans... 

...upon preparing to leave the house to head into Lancaster, the reality of November weather stuck me, and these little shoes were not appropriate footwear choices.  

The castle grounds were completely devoid of autumn leaves and the sunshine was so welcomed. While I nipped around town, Andy popped into his nephews favourite hair dresser for a quick chop. 

Andy, his gorgeous sister and I hit the road northwards. After having stocked up on coffee earlier that morning, I had a big bag of delicious aromas of Atkins coffee filling my lungs. We pulled in at Tebay services and got a delicious cup to go aswell as a basket of local produce for the cabin.  

As we continued through the Lake District northwards, the hills started undulating beautifully.

The heating at my seat was set to my very comfortable 21degrees. It's at around this temperature that I find I can part with my Rab.

As we moved further north, the road unveiled mountain tops. White mountain tops. Panic set in and I grabbed the Rab. 

We arrived just a little before check in, and wound our way through the woodlands. 

We headed in to find the kiddos who had travelled up with their grandparents.  

The little ones had found a little play area...  

Once we checked into our cabin and unpacked, the toddler and I had a millennial drawing session...

The girls and I left the guys to order takeaways and we indulged in an evening at the Aqua Sauna spa and a lovely dinner with cocktails. 

After a busy day on the saturday, we all reconvened for dinner in the centre. After a morning of swimming, activity centres and badminton games, the toddler rested his eyes and the babys legs were heavy... 

It seemed only appropriate to reenergise with cafe rouge balloons! 

After visiting father christmas and seeing his reindeers, we had a little stroll around the grounds. 

We then... had our long anticipated ceramic painting session!