Fasting down days

This evening I joined forces with my brilliant office colleagues and got together to partake in charity national company quiz. 

While it's always fantastic being out and about. After last night's intense climb with some of the guys, I am just counting down to the weekend when I can curl up and recover. 

Combining a fasting lifestyle and intense climbing sessions sometimes really does take it's toll. The fasting helps so much with combatting my genetic disposition to heart disease, and most of the time balancing feed days and fast days works so well. Sometimes though, after a long day when your body is just trying to recover, I have to be aware of the Patricia Snook impulsivity trait and when I want to binge out on too much crappy food, find coping mechanisms. On days when you're just tired and drained, it's so easy to think that the grass is greener in the ice cream isle. 

When it comes to my health, I have to remove temptation from my grasp. If I have leftovers, I physically have to destroy it otherwise the temptation of going back is just too much. Unfortunately when it comes to my impulsivity, the impact isn't just a few extra pounds but instead the difference between clogged arteries and clear. That's why the 5:2 lifestyle really works for me, because I can be fully dedicated a few days a week, but then manageably enjoy my food on the feed days.

Right now though, I'm going to fall asleep and dream of a big juicy burger and if I'm lucky, tomorrow I'll find an organic grass fed piece of beef... 

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