Farm shopping and farm eating

Today Andrew took a day off from the office and we spent time catching up on exciting plans ahead (more to come in the next weeks/months) and getting ontop of chores.

After I had an everything juice this morning, it turned out that all fruit/vegetables/supplements were fully emptied from the shelves.

We popped out to the nearby Apley Farm Shop and picked up extensive quantities of locally produced fresh veg and also had a bite at their farm shop cafe...

We shared a locally sourced burger and pita combination which was delicious, then washed it down with an organic Freedom Beer.

The farmshop itself is fantastic, it's packed with local produce and for a humungous bag of organic fruit and veggies the total cost was minimal as compared to supermarkets. They had so many pumpkins this harvest that they were actually giving them away to customers, so next on the to bake list this week... pumpkin pie...

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