Cherry Blossom Thoughts...


As I scrolled through my posts it occurred to me that I'm nearing my 900th post. However, in a previous iteration, it already passed.

In 2009 I started these pages over again. I had endured a year of gentle trauma after meeting Andrew the year before and as our careers took us separately 9000miles, the posts reflected who I was between those years. It wasn't something I wanted to share at the time and it felt right starting over. 

Now though, these pages are evolving in conjunction with me, and while I am still learning about where my next steps are taking me, I've learnt a few things... 

Content Creation:
*Over the last year these pages have grown to encorporate a much greater enthusiasm for content creation rather than mass sharing of images. 
*It is so easy to get swept up in finding inspiration online on Pinterest, weheartit and tumblr, while I can pin for hours, the reality that I want to develop great content and put it out there. 
*Maintain a sense of ownership, and appreciate that other peoples content cannot just be stolen and used for your own gain. I think coming to terms with this point is an element of the online community that really needs a little reconsideration as a whole. 

There are trolls under every bridge: 
*urgh, trolls, they can hide behind the most beautiful of avatars, but they will always remain dirty little people. We all react to abuse differently, I deal will trolls so much differently to how I've dealt with on street abuse. For me it's simple, delete, block, report. 
*They intend for their words to be hurtful, no troll anonymously comments abuse with the intention of leaving you happy for the day. Focus on the positive feedback you've received instead, and celebrate your achievements. 

Like attracts like: 
*If you're having a pretty crappy day, it's so easy to reflect it on your pages. I found that circa 2009 I had a lot of rants and everytime I slammed out a block paragraph, no one wanted to read about it, leaving me more frustrated that I couldn't do anything right. 
*I then changed my focus to positive take home messages rather than the blatant mistakes, and actually, felt quite good about it. 
*What's also great has been meeting followers and others within the community. There are so many great organisations and brands out there too who share positive beliefs.

At the moment I am in a great place where I am able to develop my content and photography business in conjunction with working part time in a career. There have not yet been too many pressures on either side to make a decision about one or the other.