When it's a quiet afternoon and I feel like cake, which... for the latter is quite regularly, we often find ourselves at Weston Park in Staffordshire.

The house is just a stone's throw from our home, and their granary grill and deli are too delicious. There's a little snug just above the deli where I love to curl up with my laptop and catch up on your beautiful blogs and gorgeous inspiration.

It's also the perfect place to drink far too much hot chocolate and nibble homemade cakes. After a busy session of reading/nibbling, their kitchen garden is a perfect place to attempt to stroll off the extra calories.

I wore my favourite vintage cardigan. Years and years ago I visited Andrew where he lived in Brighton, I'd just set up my first online shop and chose to wear this cardi for a chilled pub session.

The maze was also open, and a race to the finish line ended quite poorly with me just getting lost with my inevitably poor sense of direction. Where was Waze when I needed it?!

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