Greenways Farm Shop

What had started as another leaf face situation soon turned into leaf throwing and untoward autumnal antics. Momma and I had been out stocking up on some planters for the ever growing herb garden and we stopped to observe avenues of trees. 

Weather in the UK has been pretty intense recently and with all the rain, the echos of geese and feathered creatures lured us over to Pips farm shop...

We soon had a bagful of fresh veg and leafy greens ready for salads and veggies fries to go with homemade burgers and fries.

Pip makes the most delicious jams, and I got so excited thinking that the bags of fresh berries in the shop freezers were for sale ready for my smoothies and juices, but alas it was just her surplus being stored ready for more homemade jams...

The ducks and geese were having a fantastic time in the puddles.

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