A Bunny with a sore paw

The past few days we have had a little bunny with a very delicate foot. Earlier in the week she got a splinter in the pad of her little paw. We hadn't noticed because as ever she ran about the house, popping in to say hello then pootling back to her open cage in the garage. It wasn't until she started limping that we realised there was a problem. We took her to our local veterinary practice, Ashcroft Veterinary Centre where her and Fred have been before for their ailments. The team at the vets are fantastic and we left Vivaldi in surgery with the wonderful Katarzyna. 

I'll leave Vivaldi to tell the rest of her story... So, on the run up to winter I've been taking advantage of the fantastic weather and catching up on some cardio in the garden. I know I look great for my age and everything but you don't get the results you don't work for... 

...and with the whole divorce thing with Fred, I wanted to take advantage of the fresh air instead of being cooped up in my luxury enclosure next door to his luxury enclosure. So I've been out doing my running, videoed of course by my kitten Patty. She's my kitten because I'm obviously the dominant one of the household. 

Anyway, I'm not quite sure when it happened but I got a little puncture in my paw, my right hand paw, which made responding to my fanmail a bit of a challenge. 

The humans over reacted when they noticed my limping, so they put me in the hellish carrier - c'mon a girl deserves Louis Vuitton right? Firstworld problems aside, they took me to the vets, urgh I hate the vets, but still I was glad it was me going and not Fred because he utterly loves seeing the Assistant Surgeon. Also, between all the cardio and my recent hair cut, I've lost 200grams in weight, no wonder the humans love eating all my fresh salads and herbs from the urban garden. 

The next bit gets a little hazy, I was left in my pedestrian polyester blend carrier and given some medication which made me soooo sleepy. 

When I woke up my paw was pink, I mean, how does this work? I had this pink bandage on my leg. Not that I'm complaining, it matched the humans yoga mat which I lay on while recovering after surgery. 

Thankfully a day later they took me back to the surgery to have the thing removed, it was nice seeing the vet and knowing that I would return home without my bandage. I tried to be on my best behaviour.

It was great having my paw free again, I did a few little hops but nothing too dramatic. 

After the trip to the vets I needed to refuel on my organic panda food and herbs in my favourite spot behind the sofa. Now, maybe a few yoga stretches and I'm going to have a snooze next to the radiator, it's been a long week already... 

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