{No Swimming}

Ebay-ed dress, Burberry sunglasses

In a non suicidal kind of way, Alan Watts' speeches on Nothingness has been on this weeks playlists. There have been a few monumental shifts in my time allocations. One of which includes more time spent being more me and less corporate me. Being more me has brought rise to a few old demons. While my mind is widening and my images are growing, it seems a reoccurring theme that people want a piece of the creativity. If there was a possibility in the universe that I could follow the rules, if I could choose not to swim when it so clearly says so, I would take it. Our thoughts should be formed, but mine disperse and reappear.

So here's a few image related thoughts to think about, especially when you want to photograph but can't muster the creativity:
*find a space, anywhere, the more populated the better (I find kitchen floors work best); have a mental breakdown.
*make yourself uncomfortable, find what makes you awkward and move closer to being a bit more comfortable with being, uncomfortable.
*speak, if you can, record your voice and listen back, find your voice and try to free it in your images
*write a list, any list; a shopping list would do, any list
*take a break from your device, twitter and facebook don't actually care about your creativity
*talk to strangers, the stranger the better, discover other people's stories and expand your thoughts
*start an argument, loose

These are just a few of my go to solutions, find your path, if it's not there, make your own.

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