{Cigarette Trousers and Teddy's}

There's nothing more perturbing yet as the same time ridiculously cute as you're greeted on the stairs by an enthusiastic bunny. Vivaldi is irreverent, stubborn, vicious and utterly adorable, but the latter is only present between around 3am and 5.30am. Luckily though as she's flagging I shake into life. Her fur has been botched by poorly executed attempts to prevent her from running into furniture as it grows too long, clearly an evolutionary snag there.

Following "Nessy Kisses" from Vivaldi, lemon water, bowls of futuristic supplements and fruit pots accompany editing, emails, scheduling.

Andrew and I drive 60miles each way to work, a fuel guzzling, rainforest burning, war inducing 120miles round trip.

Traffic depending, the 50mile point makes for a good coffee and outfit shot location.

Mango Turtleneck, Zara cigarette trousers, Dorothy Perkins heels

After a day in the office, Fred is always enthusiastic to receive "Teddy Cuddles." While he is double Vivaldi's weight, he is certainly far more affectionate, spending hours curled up happily in your arms.

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