Travel Diary: Sweden

So on Sunday three am and five of us, wrapped up in our ski gear, started our trip into the Arctic Circle.  First Jimbob, Andrew and I landed in Stockholm and spent the day exploring the beautiful city. 

We headed to the Old Town for lunch and an exploration. Then tried to find the Vassa Museum only to land on a different island packed with so much beauty, the clear skies made it both mega cold but at the same time beautiful to be outside. 

After a cold day we headed to meet more wonderful people ready to board the night train up to Kiruna. 18 hours on the train was a great way to explore the country as we moved further and further north. The Von Trokes have two fantastic girls who handled the travelling utterly amazingly! We had cabins for the journey and packed with gingerbread biscuits, aspartame chewing gum, Patrone Tequila, Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, we somehow thought we'd have a long night of card games but in reality nine pm and we were dead after the 3am start. 

Normally beaches and the tropics are, my thing, so the idea of layering with thermals was an interesting concept. I picked up some north face thermals which were tested by opening the train windows, the conclusion was that nothing will shield you from -30 degrees celsius, so I gave up and went back to my Ralph Lauren and Nichole Farhi Layers. I've packed as sensibly as I possibly can, but on the weekend the discussion regarding sequins over thermals did arise, which of course has lead to just one of my vintage sequin jumpers making an appearance. Andrew has grown a big nordic beard for the week as a means of maintaining face warmth, with his glistening blue eyes the arctic look seems to be working for him! 

Getting to the Ice Hotel was fantastic, we caught up with the bride and groom to be and met their wonderful family and friends. Last night following a fantastic group dinner at the

Old Homestead Restaurant

we headed back with literally frozen eyelashes to the cabins for extreme Cheat/Bullshit over drinks. This afternoon is Cat and Petes wedding in the Ice Hotel Chapel, utterly excited and cannot wait! So before I get carried away with sharing loads and loads about our trip so far, the canon's need charging and I'm off to find some pretty boys for some test images inside before the ceremony!