{Baby you were born ready}

Have you ever caught yourself putting things off? We're into the new year and it's a great time to check in and see how your 2013 resolutions and goals are progressing. 

Is there a need to wait to live your life? Do you find yourself saying things like "when I've got enough experience in a dead end job, I'll apply for my ideal job" or "when I loose x weight I'm going to find that perfect guy." Right now, you are living your life and there is utterly no need to wait for that perfect time or when you're circumstances are right and when everything is perfect. I used to say to myself all the time, okay when I've done this, then I'll do that. Then everything started unravelling, oh my god everything unravelled and I got this kick up my ass to frigging well start living and engaging with real life. 

If you're putting things off and waiting for that perfect moment, think about what it really is that is keeping you back and holding you from taking those chances. What is the worst that can happen? As humans we are terrified of rejection, oh my gosh, we are terrified. Putting ourselves out there though and taking those chances with people and circumstances and situations, could end badly, we could get rejected. But like my Mother used to tell me time and time again, if they only like you for your stuff, you're better off without them. And that is great, it's invaluable, because you filter down through all the crappy people in your life and end up with those who are truly fulfilling. 

Stop worrying about things, oh my gosh, if you've slipped on your resolutions, forget about them, stop with the excuses and take risks! You were born ready! 

And encase you need that extra boost, put this on and start kicking ass!

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