{Rosehip Facials and Endrocrine Disruptors}

While in Morocco last year a generic tourist attraction was a local facial oil manufacturer. I didn't think much of using argon oil for literally everything from food to face. As my Neils Yard products came to an end earlier in the year I checked my local Space NK in Henley but no Neils Yard, so while in Boots I picked up some of their super cheap Botanics range. I'm shocked into silence. The rosehip facial oil is soooo good. My skin is so hydrated and soft! Also most of the range is organic, which shouldn't matter that much, but according to science, it kinda does... 

Our hormone system is actually frigging amazing. On the way to my office the one morning driving over the hills I broke down in tears, I saw the flocks of birds taking a moment to sit and rest in the fields. If this was a blip I'd have dismissed it, but increased emotions have been prevalent over the last few months. The only thing I've changed in my life has been my diet, I eat non GMO meat now, but not so often either. The amount of testosterone and antibiotics I've been consuming has been dramatically reduced. 

Our hormone system is made up of chemicals called Endocrine. They can be modified and influenced by Endocrine Disruptors. Disruptions can lead to:
-cancerous tumours
-birth defects
-learning disabilities
-brain development problems
-feminising of males
-attention deficits disorder 

The critical time in which our bodies can really be influenced by Disruptors is during the growth of a foetus. Making diet so critical and reiterating the negative impact of chemicals on human bodies. 

Popular Endocrine Disruptors:
-PBDE's (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers) these Disruptors have been found in so much of our supermarket foods like butter, cheese, corned beef.
-Phthalates - after finding out more about these nasties I'm reprioritising my  make up bag. These are found commonly in cosmetics, toys, air fresheners and can dramatically disrupt male numerological development. 

So I'm just trying to reduce my daily exposure by adjusting my make up bag not to totally exclude my favourite designers, but instead to move away from high street brands which actually, aren't all that. 

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